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About Us & From the Founder


My name is Simran

I’ve have always enjoyed traveling, but I didn't get the chance to do so much during my Teenage because I didn't enjoy family trips and my friends never really tagged along with my travel plans.

It all started when I decided to experience adventure and travel alone for the first time.


At the age of 19, I decided I wanted to explore Europe, and since no one else was interested, I booked everything and went alone.


I won't lie; this was the trip that changed my life, the first trigger that led me to where I am today. This was the first time I was away from home and had to be independent, which seemed daunting at first, but I ended up adapting so quickly because I was enjoying every minute of it.


A few years later, when I traveled to Asia, the second turning point happened. This Thailand trip was undoubtedly one of my most memorable life experiences. This was the first trip we launched in the Indian Market.


The third and final trigger was the reason I decided to start trips for solo travelers and private trips, Local Meetups at Wander XO, and other activities. I realized that bringing together like-minded people who are looking for the same thing can be amazing. I must admit that my 45-day trip across Europe would have been even better if I had company.

If you keep waiting for people to join you, you'll never be able to go anywhere. 

And if you'd like to plan a private trip, book 15 minutes free consultation with me.


Why Wander XO?

We live by this motto,

Go where you feel most alive!


When you book with Wander XO, you're not just signing up for a trip. You are signing up for a lifetime experience. From the locals, who show you the world through their eyes to the instant friends you swap playlists with on the ride, there's something for everyone. These are the kinds of bonds that last a lifetime.

Travel Solo without Oh-No

Don’t keep waiting for someone to travel with you because you may never travel anywhere!


Come with us because our trips are artistically designed to quickly build group dynamics, so you won't feel alone. But it's not just us. It's made much easier by all the energetic travelers you'll meet who, like you, want to make friends and memories.

Multiple Locations

Meet like-minded people on the trip. This is a beginning for new friendships. We encourage to join people solo.

Payment Plans

Reserve your spot without breaking the bank! We offer very very flexible plans with minimum deposit.

Easy to Book

Change to any tour 60 days prior to your Original trip departure.

Local Experts

Our trip includes the services of a local expert. So you are never lost and you get all the insider information.

We are "Travel Consultants" not "travel agents".

We hold virtual meetings/on boarding calls with clients to discuss and understand their travel plans. Our primary goal is to pass on the right information & recommendations & not make commissions off your travel plans.
Our team of experts is responsible for advising clients on suitable travel options tailored to their plans & we are confident that our consultants will carefully select the best destinations, most convenient transportation, and most enjoyable stays. You can be confident that you'll be presented with amazing new sights and flavors along the way.

We get worked up over trivial matters. All you have to do is book and go.

Travel with Confidence

These aren't just days off. They are adventures hand-picked by travel experts. So, what exactly is included in your trip? For starters, incredible destinations, transportation, lodging, and experiences. Oh, and a slew of your closest mates. You've just never met them.

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